WANDERLUST is a new travel series from producer and television personality, Trina Bardusco, with a distinctly feminine take on the impulse to travel. Blending bold storytelling, far-flung locales, and spirited exploration. WANDERLUST follows Trina as she takes a walk—or twirl, or ride—in another's shoes, seeking passion and excitement in each unique form of cultural expression.

In the first episode, Trina Bardusco goes to Spain in search of duende and hangs out with world-renowned flamencos Los Farrucos, Marina Heredia, Olga Pericet, Jesus Carmona, Leilah Broukhim, Roberto Lorente, Dan Ben Lior, Muchachito Bombo Infierno, Tomasito, Soled Moron-te, the celebrated poet, Felix Grande, and more...

Trina Bardusco is an American-Venezuelan producer and filmmaker with twenty years' experience translating global culture into award-winning content for American audiences. After earning her B.A. from Hunter College, she traveled to Spain as a Fulbright fellow in ethnomusicology. Her project, "Flamenco's Duende and Deep Song," led to her debut documentary feature, I'm the Tourist: The Gypsy Song of Luis Agujeta, which was featured on HBO Latino.

After a stint in the marketing department of David Byrne's world record label, Luaka Bop, where she worked with musicians on numerous global releases, Trina became a producer of on-air promotions at HBO Latino, where she co-pioneered the innovative documentary series Habla, bringing real Latino voices in the U.S. to the screen. Currently celebrating its eleventh year with Habla Men (2014), Habla has featured hundreds of men and women, including dozens of celebrities, who tell their raw, sometimes funny, but always compelling personal stories directly to the camera.

The phenomenal success of Habla led Trina to cofound Latino Media Works, which continues to produce the series along with documentaries, campaigns, and commer- cials. She was the executive producer for the launch of Viva Voz, a nightly current affairs program for V-me, the first-ever national Spanish-language television network presented by public television stations, which reaches more than 70 million US households; she is also the head of US Hispanic at digital production company Prime Content, where she has developed, written, produced and/or co-hosted more than 400 brand-sponsored videos for Procter & Gamble on Yahoo en Español.

Her original web series' targeting a female audience for Yahoo Mujer that ran from 2008-2014, boasted 25 million unique monthly visitors. Her programs included Mamá vs. Mamá; Casi Perfecta; Café con Taco- nes; and De Moda, that featured the hottest fashion and beauty trends in TV, film, and music and came only 2nd to People in Español as the most trafficked site by Latinas in the U.S.

Trina's home base is New York City, but considers herself a citizen of the world.

In 2015, Trina launches her own production company, Flamenca Films.

Flamenca is the feminine version of the word Flamenco in Spanish. A flamenca can be a dancer or musician, but she can also be a non-performer who embodies the flamenco spirit in her everyday life. She's a woman with an attitude that questions the status quo. She's tough but still feminine, and most importantly, she's free to express herself unapologetically. Flamenca Films celebrates this sense of freedom with the kind of storytelling that emboldens women to be themselves and explore what the
world has to offer.


Trina Bardusco
Creative Producer

Dwayne Dunlevy
Associate Producer